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Natural and creative documentary wedding photography with a focus on candid moments and real emotions.  Hi my name is Kirsten and I LOVE photographing people.  Weddings to me are the perfect day surrounded by lots of people, lots of emotion and lots and lots of love which basically is what I am most passionate about photographing.  Capturing the story as it unfolds, unplanned, unscripted, with you and your guests telling the story, not me.  My goal is to take beautiful photographs that will remind you of your day forever.  I like to blend in to the crowd, chat to the guests, get to know your family and also be there to help out with anything that needs help!  I am available for weddings and engagement shoots New Zealand wide, I am also more than happy to travel to hot sunny tropical locations, vast mountainous ranges or even, and especially, my home town London! 

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How to choose your wedding photographer...


With so many photographers out there how are you meant to choose yours?  Here are a few things to consider:

Style - find someone whose style of work you like, my style is very candid and natural, less posed, more documentary.  I like to let the day flow and shoot it as it actually happens.   

Next: Personality - you need to know that you can spend the whole day with your chosen photographer.  The best way to decide this would be to meet up or chat over the phone. I am more than happy to do this as many times as is necessary.  It is important that you as the client are a right fit for me too, but mostly, as we will be spending most of the day together, we just need to get along.  I love people and find I can easily mingle and fit in amongst any crowd.  

Lastly: Passion - be sure your photographer does what they do because they love it not simply just because it's their job!  I'm almost ashamed to say it but I literally think about photography every single day!  I'm constantly trying and learning new ways to create beautiful photos.  My kids can vouch for that.  I love looking at light and shadows, I especially love that time of day when the sun is about to go down.  Without a doubt photography is my passion, I absolutely LOVE it!!


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My packages start from $2600 for 6 hours coverage.  For details of my other packages or if you have any questions and would like to chat or meet up, either fill out this form, drop me an email: kirsten@madlovemedia.co.nz or give me a call: +64211557751.  I'd love to hear about what you've got planned for your big day.

Kirsten Sudbury Auckland wedding sports portrait photographer
Kirsten Sudbury Auckland wedding photographer

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